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Why Network Marketing?


Because someone who thinks like an entrepreneur can hardly avoid this serious and successful form of sales. However, this great way of marketing products is not very well regarded in Germany (and other countries). The opposite is the case: Many Germans confuse Network Marketing with an illegal pyramid scheme and therefore reject this form of distribution.


In order to dispel the prejudices that Network Marketing is confronted with, here is a few important information for those interested.


What is Network Marketing?


Network Marketing, also called Multi-Level Marketing, is a special form of direct sales of mostly very high-quality products that require explanation. As a rule, these are not to be found in retail stores, or only in exceptional cases, but can only reach customers through independent sales partners of a network company.


Network Marketing assumes that satisfied customers are happy to recommend a product to others. In this way, the classic sales channel, which leads via dealers, advertising, etc., is bypassed and replaced by the far more cost-effective option of direct recommendation.


The product reaches the interested end customer directly from the manufacturer via the sales partner.


Why do many people confuse Network Marketing with an illegal pyramid scheme?


First of all, I would like to make the following clear: Network Marketing has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with an illegal pyramid scheme. This is total bullshit. Unfortunately, I am confronted with this prejudice very often in conversations with interested people.


So where does the negative image of Network Marketing come from? One of the main reasons is certainly the lack of information about the Network Marketing sales system. This creates prejudices, which are also fed by press coverage that is sometimes really badly researched. There is also experience from people who dealt with so-called chain letters (illegal) etc. and reports from people who have just worked in a Network Marketing system as sales partners but were not successful. For which, of course, only the relevant person can do something, but not the Network Marketing system. If you join, for example, Isagenix as a sales partner, you have monthly costs of around 140 euros gross. In this fee, Isagenix not only includes a fully equipped, great online shop, but also a highly professional customer service, billing service, storage service, shipping service, complaint service etc .; in addition, you can choose products worth 140 euros, which Isagenix then delivers to your own front door. An incredibly cheap opportunity (!!!!!) to start your own business. Which entrepreneur has only 140, - euro monthly fixed costs for his business and gets all these services in addition ??? I do not know anybody. Incidentally, it should look similar with other network companies. There are hardly any bad network companies, to be clear.


So if a sales partner pays 140 euros but does not manage to lead his sales partnerships to success in a network company, he has of course spent 140 euros a month but earned nothing. So what? That's the way it is in business life and you can't start your own business, it's that simple. There are people who have entrepreneurship in their blood, others not. The fact that the system is then demoned is typical for people who do not take responsibility for themselves. These people then never have a chance as entrepreneurs and are simply not suitable for direct sales.


Can you get rich with Network Marketing?



Yes, but not everyone makes it, not everyone achieves their goal. Because there are many reasons why people fail in the Network Marketing business. Here are a few examples, the list can be extended as required.



You misjudged the business.



Unfortunately, there are black sheep in Network Marketing. The new sales partners promise the blue of the sky and through success stories use a blending strategy that has nothing to do with the initial reality of a new sales partner. If a new sales partner lacks the professional experience, knowledge of human nature or simply the life experience to be able to see the situation as an independent sales partner, he will quickly be disappointed. If the promised results fail to materialize, the frustrated new sales partner will turn his back on this fantastic business, may have invested money, but earned nothing.


You don't think like an entrepreneur.



An entrepreneur knows that you have to invest time and money in order to make a profit. An entrepreneur is also not comfortable and takes financial risks. An entrepreneur is ready to give everything for his business and may forego free weekends and evenings until business is up and running. An entrepreneur is neither an employee nor a civil servant who has his salary transferred to his current account at the end of the month.



You lack the stamina.



Building a business takes time, perseverance and patience. If you lack that, you are wrong in Network Marketing. Unless the person is one of the exceptions mentioned above and is getting off to a great start. As I said, there are sales partners who, due to their minimum and their existing network, manage to achieve very, very high income in this business within days or weeks. I love these people. From a statistical point of view, however, these are exceptions.



You can be influenced negatively.



Unfortunately, in practice I have often seen new sales partners joining my team with great motivation. We talked about goals, started building the business. But then the partner or the sales partner's family complained because there were appointments at the weekend or meetings could not take place due to necessary training. Or the parents or friends of the sales partner, all of whom were never self-employed, made the business bad and had a negative impact on the sales partner because the expenses (140 euros per month) could not be covered immediately by the income.


Everyone can of course give everyone advice. But would you entrust your investments or stock investments to someone who is broke, has lost all of his or her fortune on the stock market? Certainly not. But that's how it is when a self-employed person accepts advice from people who have never been entrepreneurs themselves.


So if a new sales partner orients himself to the wrong people, does not surround himself with other self-employed people, it can happen that the negative influence from outside leads to the success being blocked by the influences of third parties before it has even started. So we come to the next important point that leads to someone not being successful in this business:



Wrong mindset.



You can learn the right mindset with us.

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